it’s for a great reason, i swear…

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there are a lot of ways to hurt your wrist, you know…

and requesting an ergonomic keyboard isn’t totally crazy, right?

unless you’re a grad student… because we all know grad students are just slaves, right?

so it’s totally valid to tell your prof you hurt your wrist, right? you just might not want to mention why.

that’s exactly how you get the ladies

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invariably it starts with a day off work which is always a good excuse for a happy hour

and you know it’s always a really great sign when you invite yourself over. because clearly that is exactly how you get the ladies.

or maybe it’s when you decide doing more shots is a good idea…

even though she’s not really into it.

because we all know persistence pays off

and no doesn’t really mean no… right?

you want me to do what?

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so clearly i love talking to hr because their requests always make so much sense.

so it’s always awesome when they say something like, let’s set up computers in the conference room because we need these people to go somewhere.

and i always wonder if people realize that these things take time to actually you know physically set up computers. so i’m telling my friend about this and she’s like OMG ARE THEY HAVING A LAN CONFERENCE?!

which is not at all what i was thinking but it totally made me think of this

— not my video but it’s what i think of when i hear “LAN conference”
or this one which is arguably more well known:

did no one teach you how to use email?

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seriously, i know everyone has that one person in their family that is like SPAM GOD.

what’s even better is when you get forwards from other family members of what SPAM GOD just sent you. like you didn’t have enough junk mail already?

of course every once in a while you get ticked off and send a really awesome response back

sadly, when you aren’t the only person on the list chances are 2 seconds later you will get something else back. because for the love of god nobody understands when it is appropriate to use reply all.

which always ends in…


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i was gone for a while, i was sick and then work was crazy, but i’m back! with more comics see just below! woo!

gotta love smart people + new technology

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true story – my roommate and i just moved to a place with central a/c and heat. neither of us have lived in a place with such fanciness in our adult lives so we were pretty excited about it. so when it first got cold, i tried adjusting the temperature and kinda failed but it looked like it kept getting reset so i just assumed he liked it cold. i know, i know, don’t assume.

so i come home one day while he’s in like a thousand layers on the couch.

it was a huge relief to find out that he thought it was super cold too because generally he likes it colder than i do.

but then comes the whole trickiness of using this system. that seems like it should be pretty simple

in the end i just resort to pressing a lot of buttons. i mean something has to happen right?

eventually we gave up and called the landlord. turns out the heater itself was actually broken and we are not complete idiots and it really is as simple as it looks.