why yes, i am the 24 hour global helpdesk

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um, not. well, try explaining that to my mom. i mean what was i thinking enjoying my saturday afternoon by reading on the couch.

though it may be embarrassing to admit the number of times i have not been expecting to be global IT support. note i live thousands of miles from home (and have for the last almost 10 years) as depicted here.

and then it’s awesome when they can’t follow instructions. i’d like to note my mom is *not* computer illiterate, i have seen her be quite self sufficient… until i started my career in IT. (big mistake)

insert <headdesk> moment here.

and then when it’s all over. it’s like that was the easiest and not frustrating thing ever… um to them.

because clearly i will appreciate this…

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you know it’s always during some moment when things are going really well that that person, you know who i’m talking about. that boy or girl that always has you in their back pocket or whatever. inevitably shows up. like at a going away party.

and of course they give you a card. jointly with their significant other. though the best part is that they are dating *that* girl. yes, you know who i’m talking about, the skinny asian chick that’s way too happy for her own good. and goes a little overboard with all the !!!!s and xoxoxoxs.

don’tcha just want to shoot them out of cannon sometimes? just a little.

tell me how you really feel

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because you know you can *never* say what you really feel at work. especially when you’re talking to HR.

is it just me or does HR always seem to think that they’re being reasonable when really…

and then you try to help and it always, always goes oh so well.

especially when clearly they just want you to do something for them that is not really in the realm of what you do because they are “too busy” to tell you that maybe some new people will be hired. clearly IT does not need to know that. we’re not the ones who set up all your accounts, give you building access or get your email ready or anything like that.

and it’s even better when they are totally listening at the quarterly meeting when you’re talking about what you need to happen in order to keep up with the way things are going.

but you know we’re IT so we can “magically” make things happen… right?


didn’t you know talking is overrated?

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at least i’ve noticed this periodically when i’m on the phone with my best friend.

it seems there are just some people with whom you can be on the phone and it’s almost like being in the room with them. except from the comfort of your own home… or wherever you are.

and sometimes it’s just knowing that you can mutter to your best friend, no matter how weird it might seem to “normal people” even though you’re not actually saying anything real.

i really love smart people + smart phones…

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because so very often the outcome is just not at all what you expect.

take for example my very smart friend. who lost her beloved flip phone.

and got herself a shiny new droid.

what she discovered was that instead of just beeping at you. the droid actually says “droid” whenever something happens. what that something is… well…

you know, like the private sector…

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and sometimes it really is just that self-explanatory

oh. the interwebs…

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how do i love thee? let me count the ways.

namely for all the stupid people that you encounter.

sometimes you just can’t help but be amused by people who invalidate their own arguments. hehe.

thesis progression fail

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it’s always a joy to find out when you are hard at work on something…

or you know, checking facebook, like ya do. that EVERYONE else is already done, while you still have so much left to do.

sometimes, it just makes you want to punch ’em in the face.

just a lil’.

and clearly now is when i want to hear from you

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i’m sure we’ve all had that person. that thinks of you as “the backup girl” (or boy as the case may be). and they always text/call/email at the most opportune moments. like when you’re at a wedding or something.

but who really wants to be that girl. so in my incredible wisdom and foresight. i say, throw out your phone and go dancing instead!