don’t you love it when HR listens?

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i know, i do.

sadly, it’s rare when they actually listen.

not gonna lie. kinda makes me wanna punch ’em in the face.

that’s exactly how you get the ladies

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invariably it starts with a day off work which is always a good excuse for a happy hour

and you know it’s always a really great sign when you invite yourself over. because clearly that is exactly how you get the ladies.

or maybe it’s when you decide doing more shots is a good idea…

even though she’s not really into it.

because we all know persistence pays off

and no doesn’t really mean no… right?

you want me to do what?

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so clearly i love talking to hr because their requests always make so much sense.

so it’s always awesome when they say something like, let’s set up computers in the conference room because we need these people to go somewhere.

and i always wonder if people realize that these things take time to actually you know physically set up computers. so i’m telling my friend about this and she’s like OMG ARE THEY HAVING A LAN CONFERENCE?!

which is not at all what i was thinking but it totally made me think of this

— not my video but it’s what i think of when i hear “LAN conference”
or this one which is arguably more well known:

more reasons why i love HR

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it’s always those fantastic early morning calls.

because clearly it is always the IT department changin’ stuff up on ya.

or it could just be that the cable is not connected.

it can’t be that simple? or it can.

clearly nothing can be perfect, right

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you move away from home. and start a new job. and apparently get a really cool co-worker!

he even takes you out for drinks because he’s cool like that.

and then you see the hitch… or well not hitch, i guess it really all depends on how you feel about it.

sometimes thinking is not overrated

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like when you decide to get a tattoo a month before you run a marathon. or the day before you go back to work from a long weekend.

of course it always helps to have a voice of reason…

granted it might help if you listed to the voice of reason *before* you went and did something.

it could save you a lot of trouble… like say trying to change your plastic wrap at the office because you got a new tattoo… hypothetically speaking, of course.

tell me how you really feel

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because you know you can *never* say what you really feel at work. especially when you’re talking to HR.

is it just me or does HR always seem to think that they’re being reasonable when really…

and then you try to help and it always, always goes oh so well.

especially when clearly they just want you to do something for them that is not really in the realm of what you do because they are “too busy” to tell you that maybe some new people will be hired. clearly IT does not need to know that. we’re not the ones who set up all your accounts, give you building access or get your email ready or anything like that.

and it’s even better when they are totally listening at the quarterly meeting when you’re talking about what you need to happen in order to keep up with the way things are going.

but you know we’re IT so we can “magically” make things happen… right?


you know, like the private sector…

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and sometimes it really is just that self-explanatory

who needs a life anyway

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at least that seems to be what my clients think.

that whole novel concept of coming home and not having to know what’s going on at work has been shattered by this little thing called smart phones.

i remember when i was so excited to get an iphone and to be connected to the world… this is how i feel now: