because flying isn’t enough of a pain…

January 10th, 2011 § 2 comments

it’s always exciting when you think your flight is actually going to leave on time. you are boarding.

and then you think you’re going to leave when they make some announcement about a delay.

so you’re thinking to yourself. seriously what could this be?

but i am willing to bet that even with all the possibilities that crossed your mind. having the police come on the plane and escort someone out was not one of them.

yeah, folks it’s pretty impressive when you’re so intoxicated that you are threatening members of the flight crew. i mean honestly, as if flying isn’t enough of a pain why would you go and threaten the flight crew?

personally, i say be nice to the flight crew and maybe they’ll give you a free drink 😉

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  • Deidre says:

    This happened to me once in Singapore (actually I think it was right after India) and I was sitting by my gate and like 4 security guards with huge guns were standing around me and a passenger was escorted off the plane that had just landed because he had gotten in a fist fight with another passenger on the plane. Was totally drunk, and had caused disturbances to the crew.

    I was terrified.

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