the best part of waking up

July 27th, 2010 § 0 comments

is obviously getting one of those fabulous emails that everyone just loves to get. i dunno about you but generally speaking for me these are dated at some time between 3-6am when, really, you shouldn’t be writing an email. they should make a gmail labs program for that. note to self: count to 10 before sending email. check.

also since everyone keeps asking what the text in the computer screen says, i forget exactly what i wrote but it’s something that’s supposed to be a bit like this:

dear <me>,
i wrote something stupid that didn’t need to be sent.
your crazy <insert person here: ex, mom, boss, satan, you get the idea>

though i think in reality my thoughts were more along the lines of: this is a completely unnecessary, aggravating email that was really poorly thought out and i should not be sending stuff at some stupid hour of the day without thinking it through first. but you know there was only so much space on my tiny computer screen i drew for myself.

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